Where does the Environment Agency have flood alerts in place in Yorkshire?

A number of flood alerts are in place in Yorkshire.
A number of flood alerts are in place in Yorkshire.

Just one flood alert remains in place in Yorkshire after almost a dozen were issued yesterday.

Flash flooding was reported in parts of West Yorkshire and North Yorkshire on Saturday afternoon as spells of heavy rainfall and hail stones sweep through the region.

Alerts had been put in place for a number of catchment areas, including the River Spen and River Calder (upper) in West Yorkshire, two brooks in South Yorkshire and three becks in Leeds.

They mean that there is a possibility of flooding and people living in those areas should be prepared.

Today (Sunday) an alert remains in place for Earby Beck and Glusburn Beck in North Yorkshire.

An advisory note from the Environment Agency explains: "There is potential however for further heavy, thundery rain on Sunday afternoon and we are monitoring the situation.

"Given the speed at which levels in the faster responding rivers may rise, we may not have time to issue all flood warnings before the onset of any flooding.

"As such, please stay aware of your surroundings and do not put yourself at risk."

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