Worker who won tribunal could lose out

AN EMPLOYEE who was awarded a £21,000 pay-out at a tribunal could get just £54 after the company he worked for went into voluntary liquidation.

Sam Taylor had worked in the kitchens of The Yorkshire Puddin’ pub in Mirfield, but took his bosses to an employment tribunal in Leeds earlier this year.

On August 1, Judge Colin Grazin ruled that PWB Enterprises Limited, which was then trading as The Yorkshire Puddin’, should pay Mr Taylor £21,009.54 after finding he was unfairly dismissed and unlawfully discriminated against.

But on September 19, the shareholders of PWB Enterprises Limited met to agree the winding up of the company through a creditors’ voluntary liquidation.

It means 21-year-old Mr Taylor, of Ingham Garth, Mirfield, has had to make an application as a creditor and must wait to see whether there is any money available to pay his award.

The only money he has received so far is a £54 basic award for unfair dismissal, which was paid through a government scheme designed to make sure employees receive outstanding pay when a company goes into liquidation.

Mr Taylor’s mother, Rachael Taylor, said: “Sam’s a young man.

“It was extremely difficult for him to actually go to the tribunal. It’s frustrating when I think of the things he could have used the money for.”

Mr Taylor, who has now enrolled on a college course, said he had found it hard to find work.

He said: “When I had to put a reason on application for leaving my last job, I had to put dispute with manager. It counted against me. I only had one reply from 40 jobs.”

Judge Grazin had ruled that Mr Taylor should receive the basic award of £54, an £8,420 compensatory award for unfair dismissal and £1,263 for failing to comply with the ACAS code of practice disciplinary and grievance procedures.

He ruled the company should also pay £472 for failing to provide Mr Taylor with the particulars of the terms and conditions of his employment, £10,000 compensation in respect of injury to feelings in consequence of a finding of unlawful discrimination on the grounds of sexual orientation and £800.54 interest on the discrimination award.

PWB Enterprises Limited director Paul Bennett said he was not in a position to comment on the company’s liquidation or the tribunal.

The lease for the pub, in Dunbottle Lane, has now been taken over by The Yorkshire Puddin’ Mirfield Limited.