A victory for common sense

I WRITE regarding the decision to grant Yorkshire Water permission to build a new access route to its Mitchell Laithes site (Reporter, April 15)

This is not a case, as some have tried to suggest, of a victory for one community against another or of moving one problem and creating another. It is purely a victory for basic common sense.

It is fair to say that everyone from a very early stage, even the residents of Savile Town, fully accepted the current access route via Earlsheaton and surrounding areas is totally unacceptable and an alternative route had to be found.

Yorkshire Water liaised with local residents, studied this issue and after many months presented plans to Kirklees Council planning for the new route which will pass almost entirely through an industrial area.

No-one from any area would have supported any alternative route if anyone, in particular children, would have been placed in the slightest danger and the new route ensures that is the case.

For the residents of Earlsheaton this has been four year nightmare and we now look forward to a future without the daily disruption of heavy vehicles actually passing homes, schools and village centres.


Headland Lane