Are more NHS cuts on the way?

Is Dr Liam Fox’s recent contribution to the NHS debate, where he urges Mr Cameron not to ring-fence the NHS budget as the money spent is being wasted on achieving targets as opposed to improving patient outcomes, a criticism of the present Tory-led coalition, or is Mr Fox setting the stage for further dramatic cuts to our NHS.

Billions have been wasted on unnecessary re-organisation, which has created more tiers of managers as opposed to desperately need clinicians.

Competition law has been introduced in contract negotiation, which favours the private sector who have the means to employ contract negotiating teams and lawyers to make sure that contracts are gained for the services which will bring in high volume, fast turnaround and high profit margins.

If a private provider is cheaper but does not secure a contract then it can appeal under competition law.

Public sector services are not a cheap option but are in place to protect the vulnerable and chronically ill who need long term care. When you reduce funding and open up to the private sector the vary essence of a public sector service is diminished.

The present Tory led coalition is attacking all aspects of the public sector from the NHS to local councils and the services they provide.

At a local level we continue to fight to protect Dewsbury and District Hospital from the reconfiguration proposals and eagerly await the decision of the Independent Review Panel.

I urge any concerned local resident to lobby the Department of Health and the Independent review panel for a full review.


Muffit Lane