Are we bovvered?

OK Tesco – so you’ve signed a lease. Am I bovvered? Are Mirfield residents quaking in their boots? No chance!

In fact, you may have jumped the gun. All the current planning applications have yet to be considered so watch this space. And what’s more – just in case you haven’t got the message – Mirfield doesn’t want you. It would seem that your arrogance knows no bounds in that you are prepared to ride roughshod over the views of this close community in your drive for even greater profits.

I’ll be honest with you – your reputation in terms of consideration and consultation is ‘pants’. I know that we in Mirfield are not alone in undertaking such a battle. However, you could make life easier for yourselves, and all others like us in similar disputes, if you followed the Sainsbury route and consulted with the town’s folk before embarking on your takeover of our towns.

Open and honest discussions such that we might arrive at mutually acceptable solutions would be much appreciated.

I offer a challenge to Tesco. If the Mirfield Action Group invites your spokesperson, Deborah Hayeems, to meet with them, will you accept? Are you prepared to sit round the table with the town’s representatives and listen to our concerns? I urge the Action Group to take up my suggestion.

Whilst you think about that, you might be interested to know that Mirfield residents have nothing against Tesco per se.

Our fight is about saving our heritage. We’re proud of our town and would be taking the same action against ASDA, Morrison, Sainsbury or whoever was trying to despoil it. The reasons for our objections have already been well documented. In a nutshell, the Black Bull is not the right location for your store.


Park Drive