Auntie Beeb’s outrage in overdrive

Good old BBC, no sooner then the news of the latest Home Office crackdown on illegal immigration was aired yesterday, Auntie’s outrage went into overdrive.

Out of the blocks was a lady representing immigrants rights, who challenged the word “illegal,” even the Beeb’s interviewer looked perplexed by this, and asked her what label she would give someone with no identification or documentation and who had just stepped off the back of a lorry.

Fumbling for a responsive, she eventually came up withthis classic “We’II go with that then” presumably meaning “illegal.”

Where did the BBC find this organisation from? What credentials were given?

Did any reallymatter so long as the BBC could offer up a liberal/left leaning spokesperson.

The corporation needs to realise that it as been rumbled by the majority of the public on its obvious liberal bias, it is about time it started representing the views of the majority of licence fee payers, insteadof pandering to a minority but vocal clique.


Oxford Road