Big thank you to all pub punters at the George

We would like to thank everyone who was not mentioned in last week‘s article (Pub punters give generously) who helped raise £1,036.03 for Prostate Cancer during the charity weekend at The George.

Our thanks go to the social club and regulars without whom it would not have been possible. They are the most giving people and never fail to deliver when it comes to helping others.

Thanks also to Mark Holt and Claire Smith for the sponsored wax which alone raised £307, £50 of which was generously donated by Sarah Barnes from the West Riding.

Mark Butterworth, Johnathan Diskin and Richard Walshaw generously gave their time to perform for us, while Fraiser Bradley got the Post Office involved to match the amount we raised.

We would also like to thank everyone who donated raffle prizes, including Sleek hair designs, Chidswell Farm, Le Solieil!, Jackie Williamson, Zucchini, L Pepper, Dave Diskin, Barmaster, Rubys off license, the Woodman, Val and Trevor, Jan, Mandy and Dawn, Cath and Dave Penny, Barbara and Trevor, Stacey Todd, Sarah Crowther, Jackie and White Rose Leisure.

It was a great success and it’s all thanks to everyone who took part and gave so generously.

We feel very privileged to have such good hearted customers that keep our pub alive. Thank you all again.

Dawn and Alan Featherstone

The George

Dewsbury Moor