Budget was a bit rich!

Many years ago the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, Hugh Dalton, lost his job when he revealed some of the content of his budget to a journalist shortly before delivering his speech in the House of Commons.

He was in clear breach of the hallowed principle that the content of the Chancellor’s red box should remain secret until he revealed his proposals in his speech to The House.

George Osborne’s budget was predictable because most of it had been leaked to the media beforehand, and yet he still remains in a job. But this is not an honourable Government, Osborne didn’t even pretend this time round that ‘we are all in this together’ . He did what Tory governments are good at by taking money from 4.4m tax-paying pensioners to give income tax cuts for 300,000 of this country’s richest families.

Its also time we heard a bit of praise for Labour’s Ed Milliband who regularly trounces the policies of this government in parliament and its front bench, all of whom stand to benefit financially by this budget by the rich for the rich.


Firthcliffe Parade