Can we afford these changes?

A couple of items in last weeks Reporter took my eye.

Why is a new Community centre at the Gilder hall site still being pursued, no doubt at considerable expense? Where is the money going to come from? Surely, Kirklees Council haven’t spare funds, so are grants and sponsorship available to fully cover the cost?

There is already a community centre in Water Hall Lane, and while this is well used,surely there are other venues in Mirfield that could be used for meetings and activities. What about the Church halls, at the Parish Church, St Andrew’s Methodists, the Zion chapel and Trinity, or the Salvation Army halls?

Similarly, the Community of the Resurrection want to revive the old open air theatre area. But, at £500K? This from a body that not long ago was appealing for funds, and selling off the family silver. Would this truly be a viable project?

These are difficult times, and while new ventures need encouragement, I don’t see value in either of these projects.

Les Addy

Fernhurst way,