Councillors should have spoken out earlier

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In last week’s edition, Coun David James Hall asked: “Where were the Labour voices then?”, referring to the PFI funding of Pinderfields Hospital.

He claims the idea of PFI was the brainchild of Labour. In fact PFI was first discussed in the early 1990s by John Major’s government, where chancellor Norman Lamont was a big supporter.

Originally the Labour Party was against the idea, but as we all know, Blair was a Tory, and embraced their plans and signed off the first

PFI projects.

I would ask Coun Hall where his voice has been in the fight to save Dewsbury District Hospital? Is he a member of any of the groups fighting for the hospital’s future? Did he attend any of the “Meeting the Challenge Evenings”? Has he been to any MidYorks Hospitals Trust, or any CCG meetings? Has he written to this newspaper before last week giving his support to the struggle?

I personally asked through your letters page for our local councillors to state where they stood on what is a massive issue, affecting every ward in the area.

Not one of them made any response. Of course, there were no local elections in May this year,but things are totally different next yet. I am sure your readers would only need one guess as to which councillor’s seat is at stake in Liversedge and Gomersal in May 2014. Yes, you’re right, Coun David Hall.


New North Road