Democracy in action?

RECENTLY, instead of watching the football on TV or going to the pub I thought I’d watch the Kirklees Council meeting on the internet.

I remember the day I was first elected on to Mirfield Town Council back in 2001 as a young(ish) guy aged 21. I’m still there now after 10 years.

I was totally disheartened tonight, watching the Kirklees Council meeting online, for many reasons.

Firstly if the council is going to do webcasts it should ensure the microphones work. The sound was abysmal. Kirklees wants to open up democracy, which is fine, but when you can’t hear half of what’s being said it is a joke!

Secondly, I congratulate Coun David Sheard on his position as new deputy leader. I have known David a fair few years as he’s normally climbing lampposts at election time, like me, putting election signs up. But prior to his confirmation as deputy leader in the meeting he managed to criticise all the farmers in the country along with every Conservative voter generally. He also swore several times and used offensive terms about Conservative councillors.

I know councillors have a bad press and we’re probably less liked than estate agents but although I got into politics almost by accident. I find it an honour that I represent Mirfield Town Council and that I represent Northorpe where I live and do it all voluntarily.

At tonight’s ramblings at the Kirklees Council meeting, nothing has been decided that is going to make a mega impact in Mirfield and that isn’t the fault of our local councillors, it is the fault of Kirklees as a whole, with all the political back biting.

I am so glad that I am a councillor but at grassroots level.


Mirfield Town Councillor, Northorpe Ward