Disco is just reward

I WAS sad to see the article in the Reporter on Friday December 7, regarding the negative comments about the disco tickets at Overthorpe.

There have been no discos at the school for a few years, however in the past when my eldest son attended the school, disco tickets went on sale a few days in advance – the same as is happening with this disco.

My son has not got five stars entitling him to a free ticket, however I have no problem with the incentive as a reward for the achievement. In my view it is the same as giving pocket money for jobs done or stickers on a behaviour chart.

I personally welcome a scheme that encourages children to pick up a book, whether it is to read a couple of sentences or a few chapters.


Overthorpe Avenue


In response to last week’s article ‘No-go reading disco’, my son also attends Overthorpe.

We have found the new home reading scheme a great idea and I’m very proud to say my son has become a independent reader as a result, he has worked extremely hard to achieve his stars and will be attending the forthcoming disco.

I understand it is a lot to achieve; however the children are not required to read a full novel, it is two 10 minute sessions per week, looking at and reading books together.

Surely every child is worth that? Or maybe some parents are far too busy on Facebook!

I would also like to take this opportunity to thank Mrs Black and Mrs Boutle for working hard introducing this scheme, my son now is a book worm!


Parent, at Overthorpe School