Drives you round bend

How stupid can it be to put a roundabout on a main road?

The one at the junction of Flash Lane on Dunbottle Lane is making a very safe junction very dangerous. I can picture the scene when a stranger comes up Dunbottle Lane and rightly thinks they are on the main road and a local comes out of Flash Lane thinking they have the right of way, one big bang, one fatal injury. Will the person who had the roundabout put there be charged with manslaughter? All drivers are taught the main road has the right of way and that traffic entering must give way. It is the Highway Code, it is the law and yet someone from Kirklees thinks that all wrong and they will put a roundabout there anyway.

I think the truth is that all sensible road safety measures have been done and so the job is now redundant, so they find things to do to keep their job or they have not used up their budget and are to spend it. These and other measures taken in Mirfield are totally unnecessary and a waste of the tax payers money.


Latham Lane