Health secretary moving the goal posts

I have recently investigated on the internet the court ruling that Jeremy Hunt had no right under the law to downgrade services at Lewisham hospital.

This action contravened the national health service act 2006. Jeremy Hunt appealed and was again overruled.

The changes were almost the same as proposed at Dewsbury and District Hospital. It was stated that patients had far too great a distance to travel to access services. This is a big problem for local people in the north Kirklees area.

Jeremy Hunt is trying to amend the act. This is not fair, moving the goal posts to suit his own agenda. I hope there are some legal minds in the area who may be able to use this information.

The court action was brought by the friends of Lewisham Hospital, and Lewisham council. There was a letter in this newspaper last week referring to the closure of around two thirds of the beds in Dewsbury.

This will mean two thirds of the nurses will be redundant, this is an appalling situation.

Where has our caring health service gone? Karen Rowling has been vocal about the situation, but when are we going to hear something official from the council in far off Huddersfield.


Huddersfield Road