Heaven’s above Mrs T

Come in Mrs Thatcher, the Good Lord spoke

The waiting’s been long for me and my folk

You may have ruled while you were down there,

But I’ve something to say, so sit in that chair.

You stole the milk from every child

But all you did was smirk and smile

You poisoned the rivers that ran into my seas

While you and your cronies drank Gin and T’s

Your only thought was that of greed

You couldn’t care less for my people’s need

You tried to break up the health service, so they had no cure

No though in your mind for Britain’s poor

Gas and electric are ridiculous because of your greed

Some old folk are struggling to feed

You charged for the water I sent down free

So you see, Mrs Thatcher, this is no place for thee.

So get off my throne and go down below

Report to Old Nick and give the fire a blow

Don’t ask for help ‘cos the answer is no

You should remember lass, tyou reap what you sow.

You thought at one time you were Queen

Now you’re only another has-been

Some will be sad, others rejoice

With you in charge we had no choice.

Geoffrey Lyons

Mountain Road