I can’t praise the NHS enough

I RECENTLY had the misfortune to suffer a heart attack and I would like to take the opportunity to thank the medical staff for the outstanding care I received.

The GP, who I went to thinking I had indigestion after the rich living of Christmas, was the epitome of concerned professionalism reminiscent of the patient care shown in the fifties. Then, patients were almost regarded as friends rather then numbers to be processed. Thank you.

The ambulance crew who gave support in their friendly and reassuring manner. Thank you.

The staff at the coronary care unit at Dewsbury and District Hospital, from the ancillary staff and the nurses to the doctors and consultants, not only showed outstanding competence and professionalism in their care, but also gave that little extra. They made me and other patients feel extra special which is so important when you are at your most vulnerable. Thank you.

We all grumble when we come to pay our taxes. It is only when something like this happens that we realise how lucky we are in this country, not only to have caring, well trained medical staff on hand, but to have access to an incredible array of technology to diagnose and treat us.

There is no better place in the world to be ill than in the United Kingdom. We must ensure that the National Health service is treasured so that future generations can benefit as we benefit.


High Street