I’d rather have a pint!

According to the British Retail Consortium more than one in 10 shops in the UK town centres are closed.

Much of it is due to internet sales and the increasing number of supermarkets that small shops can’t compete with. There has also been an erosion of family spending power due to the soaring cost of food and transport.

I now read in the Reporter (December 2) that Tesco wants to convert The Whistler pub in Dewsbury in to a Tesco Express store. This comes on top of Tesco taking over the Black Bull pub in Mirfield.

It seems that no corner of England is safe from these capitalist predators destroying our high streets.

We are supposed to live in a democracy and yet our elected representatives are powerless to stop them.

The importance of saving our pubs cannot be underestimated. They provide much needed choice on the high street for hungry and thirsty shoppers, not to mention a toilet and a well earned break for town centre workers.

Pubs are vital for tourism and hospitality. They have adapted to meet customers’ needs – such as the huge growth in pub food and state- of-the-art coffee machines.

Given a choice between Tesco and a decent pint, the pub wins hands down.


Firthcliffe Parade