I’ll not be signing pledge

I feel that as councillor candidate for Dewsbury South in this year’s local elections I must give my reasons why I will not be signing the Conservative pledge.

You could say I came into politics late in life as I had no real political persuasion growing up I was guilty of not even voting some years as I was busy in my own life. One day driving to work I stopped and saw the neglect and lack of investment.

I got involved in local decision making, petitioning the council on behalf of residents and had local parties and fairs and with the help of locals we put locals first no matter what party politics.

Then I started to see the party political hatred between the parties that make up the council, was quite evident at some councillor meetings. So if you don’t mind I will stay out of signing up to a pledge that has no legal justification, as I have already consented to the Representation of the People Act 1983, which was passed by a act of Parliament made up of different parties, not one political party. I will put my trust in Kirklees electoral service whom over the years have conducted the elections within the rules of this Act.

I also trust the police will collect any evidence if allegations of voter fraud are reported, and they will follow their oath to keep the peace come election day.

With three warnings at the last elections and no prosecutions I see no evidence of widespread voter fraud and I will not be drawn into labelling a whole community just by the actions of a small minority. Neither will I be embroiled in party finger pointing.

People first in a local elections politics second.

Shaun Maddox

English Democrat candidate for Dewsbury South

Valley Road