Kirklees library plan leaves me in total disbelief!

How bad has Kirklees become? The more I find out the dafter things seem. But wait who is paying for all this? Yes we are, the tax payers of Kirklees.

So we are training the library staff to deal and help with vulnerable people who may have been a victim of crime but do not feel emotionally strong enough to visit the police. Maybe they would be frightened of going to the police. That is a really good idea. It must cost a fair amount to give these great people the training to deal with vulnerable people at a time of need and no doubt we the tax payers are paying for it.

I am sure that they would have had to go through the Disclosure and Barring Service and by law they will need an enhanced DBS, which again we have paid for. This sounds great and all worth while until you remember that our Council and its leader want to close all but two of our libraries!

So in a nutshell we have trained all these people to do a fantastic job and paid for it but now having done that and spent the money, we are going to make them redundant.

I am in total disbelief

John Alan Ramsden

Carlton Way