Leave land green and pleasant!

Having attended the Local Development Framework (LDF) meeting in Shaw Cross, it was pleasing to see so many local residents attending to voice their concerns and anger over Kirklees Council’s development plans for Chidswell.

Local residents were right to vent their outrage towards the leader of Kirklees Council, Mehboob Khan, and the rest of the panel, towards the proposals which will affect our green belt.

I was heartened to hear Coun Paul Kane reiterate his commitment to vote against the LDF plan when it’s debated by the full council in October.

In addition to the anger over the proposals to potentially build industrial units on 35 hectares of green belt in Chidswell, there were major concerns raised about the prospect of the land being used for coal extraction. Astonishingly, neither the leader of the Council Mehboob Khan, or Kirklees Council’s Acting Director for Place, Jacqui Gedman, could rule out this prospect, which begs the question – why include the Chidswell area within the LDF at all?

Many residents were present at the meeting and I’m sure some of you reading this letter will remember the last time proposals were put forward for coal extraction in Chidswell and Shaw Cross and the immense struggle local residents had in overturning this plan.

I call on Coun Khan and Kirklees Council to re-assess the LDF and remove the controversial Chidswell site from the plan, thus ensuring that no one in the future can ever contemplate coal extraction in this area of outstanding natural beauty.


Conservative Council Candidate – Dewsbury East

Moor Park Lane