Let’s keep it clean!

It came as a surprise to us at North Kirklees Green Party to read of the Conservatives’ “Keep It Clean” pledge in your paper this week. Not only had they neglected to contact us beforehand, but their pledge seems at odds with their previous actions. At a candidates briefing at Dewsbury Town Hall last Monday Mr Iqbal denounced the Local Code of Conduct introduced by Kirklees Council this year, telling the room he wanted nothing to do with it, even though local party leaders were involved in its creation. Similarly at a national level the Conservative led Government has had ample time since the 2010 election to implement real reforms to our democratic system by adopting recommendations put forward to it by the independent Electoral Commission. For some reason the Tories seem happy with the status quo, as the majority of these proposed reforms have not been implemented. Perhaps Mr Iqbal and friends should be channelling some of their zealous reforming energy upwards within their own party. Meanwhile, your local Green Party candidates across the whole of Kirklees will of course be signing up to the Local Code of Conduct, and - as always - keeping it clean.

Simon Cope

Green Party Candidate for Dewsbury West

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