Let us know what’s really going to happen to our hospital

After reading the Batley and Birstall News, November 21, I am appalled at the situation regarding the regarding the number of beds we may be left with at our Dewsbury and District Hospital.

When this merger with Pinderfields and Pontefract Hospitals was first talk about I was at a meeting for pensioners in Dewsbury Town Hall and a lady and gentleman came to talk to us regarding this.

Afterwards on asking if there were any questions I ask what would happen to Dewsbury and District Hospital in the event of this merger taking place. The reply I got was that it would carry on the same, we would still have our hospital.

Yes, we do still have our hospital, but for how long, until they have taken ALL the beds?

Why don’t these people who run the Mid Yorkshire Hospitals Trust start to tell us a few more home truths, instead of building people’s hopes up.

I am sure they already know what is going to happen.
So, come on, just let the people in Batley, Birstall, Dewsbury, Spen Valley and all other areas around this part of Yorkshire know what’s really going to happen to their hospital and when.


Pynate Road