LETTER: Faceless Winston Churchill on new five pound note


With all the hype that has surrounded the new £5 note and that some people have been paying a fortune for certain ones, we never really gave it much thought - until recently.

Me and my wife called in at Sainsbury’s in Dewsbury for some lunch and she called to get to some cash out of the cash machine.

Thinking nothing of it, we enjoyed our lunch and then returned home.

Later, my wife noticed a very peculiar £5 note and on closer inspection we found that on the Queen’s head side all was normal but on the reverse Winston Churchill’s face is missing.

The area where his face should be is rough like there is no polymer coating.

Was this a printing error? A forgery? Or is the near-indestructible note in fact wearing away and if so, why just his face?

Is this worth more than the face value?

Have I got a rare £5 note?

Who knows? But, I thought it was interesting.

Simon Murphy, via email