LETTER: Job centres are out of touch in today’s world

Job Centre
Job Centre

I noticed that Batley’s job centre may close.

The modern purpose of such centres is to reduce the claimant count, not to get people into work.

But the job centre does not work in today’s world.

This is because most employers use recruitment agencies.

Today, the job centre will insist that you apply for six to 10 jobs a week.

Historically, that’s a lot, as in the days of newspaper advertisements you might apply for three or four.

But today, that target could be counter-productive.

At a recruitment agency, the staff get paid on commission so they want people to be working.

They will contact you but if you chase them, just to match your job centre target, they will soon regard you as a time waster, especially if it is not a good match.

According to official employment figures for Kirklees, the number is the same as it was in 2003 - so where are the jobs?

If you are looking for a job you will get daily emails of vacancies, you might get a dozen emails and some of those will show 20 vacancies, though many of those may have been listed for weeks.

Thus there is no role for a job centre anymore.

It is a petty benefits centre giving out benefits that, for many, will not even cover your basic bills.

Some will disagree with that statement but add up your basic bills and how much have you got left over from £300 per month?

Derek Cartwight, Manor Farm Drive, Batley