Letter: Lanes are used as a rat run

I agree fully with Stephen Cass’ letter (Speed limits are there for a reason, Reporter, September 6).

Speeding cars and HGVs are a problem everywhere.

We live in Briestfield, Dewsbury and the lanes are very narrow, with one small stretch of footpath only - which has holes in it and is overgrown and slippery when wet, with dog walkers, horse riders etc using them all the time, yet idiots keep using this village as a rat run from Dewsbury to Huddersfield, Barnsley.

A HGV was stuck on one of the lanes as it couldn’t manage the corner/incline/narrow lane - only yesterday - which in theory is an Access Only lane. Kirklees won’t look at it to put signs up stating such, yet last winter there were cars, vans, lorries, HGVs stuck for hours - there is no mobile signals either here.

It is only a matter of time before one rolls down the banking and into the stream below. It is dangerous, keep away from Briestfield if using as a short cut!

D Kneen

Briestfield Road