Letter: LDF is no victory

I had to laugh at the folly that was Mark Eastwood’s letter claiming victory on behalf of Chidswell Action Group on the issue of the LDF.

The reality of submitting another plan under the present government especially with Eric Pickles at the helm will definitely mean a massive increase in the number of houses, maybe an extra thousand, who knows? But one thing is for certain, this government will be demanding more development on Chidswell not less.

The previous plan was trying to limit the development but also steer it towards Grange Road, an existing industrial development. I dread to think what will be coming for our area but Mr Eastwood has led local residents right down the garden path claiming this as any kind of victory, which was clearly motivated for his own political gain.

I will remind him of this when his government come back to Kirklees Council demanding thousands of additional houses for Dewsbury which I might add will be a legal requirement for the council to comply with. How is that a victory for local people Mr Eastwood?

Harry Drake

High Street

Hanging Heaton