Letter: May as well paint ‘cabbage’ on road

SLOW DOWN Hopton Lane traffic calming. (d531b431)
SLOW DOWN Hopton Lane traffic calming. (d531b431)

I write this letter as a frustrated resident of Hopton Lane. I refer to the recent roadworks to ‘improve’ the road surface.

As a result of the tragic fatal accident a while ago involving a young boy, speed bumps have been installed in the area of the accident – but oh dear! What are the planners thinking? They’re inadequate and the majority of cars straddle them.
Now I don’t know who makes these decisions but, no doubt, money and budgets will be involved.
As for the word ‘slow’ painted on the surface, it may aswell have said ‘cabbage’ or ‘Oxo’ or anything for what good that will do. Also these speed bumps surely should have been installed all the way down Hopton Lane.
I hope it doesn’t take another accident to install precautionary measures.
The old phrase stable and door and horse bolted comes to mind.

A Appleyard

Hopton Lane

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