Letter: Proud of our communities

We are writing to you as elected representatives in Dewsbury to firstly condemn the wicked acts we have seen in Pakistan and Australia recently, and secondly to promote a message of peace to all members of the community.

Those that some call Muslim extremists are not quite that.

Extremists – yes, however they have no connection to the message of peace and humanity that the vast majority of Muslims around the world believe in.

Like the Holy bible, the Holy Quran promotes peace, selflessness, charity, good will and respect to others regardless of their back ground.

The perpetrators of these abhorrent acts are cowards. They do not represent Muslims or the Holy Quran.

We have spoken to a number of faith groups this past few days and a number of members of the public in Dewsbury and we are proud of the tolerance and understanding of our communities.

We send our condolences to the families of those that lost their lives and we pray that we will see no more of these extremist acts anywhere in the world.

Coun Mumtaz Hussain and Coun Darren O’Donovan

Labour councillors for Dewsbury West

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