Letter: Reckless riders need to wake up to dangers

Driving towards Hopton on Station Road, with my youngsters in the car, I was held up by a teenager on a BMX bike. With cars approaching on the opposite side I slowed down behind him. At no point did the hooded youth turn to look behind him.

He pulled numerous uncontrolled ‘wheelies’ and skidded on his back wheel. I pressed my horn to alert him how dangerous this was and without even turning, he made a hand gesture and continued.

This happened a few hundred yards from where a boy of similar age sadly lost his life on a bike. How disrespectful and disregarding of other people is this young lad.

If he lost control and a car collided with him it would affect so many people’s lives. I only wish a police officer had witnessed this and could educate him appropriately.

This kind of attitude from youngsters is all too common and needs addressing by parents and schools.

Neil Morris

Cheviot Way