Letter: Teaching is a privilege not a right

The teachers who were on strike last week should hang their head in shame.

My four year old grandson started this time and is/was ecstatic, eager to go, eager to get his next set of words to learn and so proud when he gets 10 out of 10. He was gutted to learn he couldn’t go that day.

Correct me if I am wrong but the recent change to huge fines for parents taking children out of school for family holidays was justified in part because ‘a child’s education is more important and a day should not be missed’.

Why is it ok for a child to miss school to get you more money as a teacher? Why should parents have to miss work, lose pay and endanger their job for you to get more money?

Teaching is a privilege not a right! You are well paid for what you do, your pensions are way better than most, your conditions should be compared with miners, road builders and farm workers before you moan.

My grandson should be looking up to teachers in years to come, if they continue to allow their disruptive union leaders to march them down their current path he, and many parents will lose all sympathy for any future legitimate grievance.

Final point, the leader of the NUT (I think) is a woman on more than the prime minister and a devotee of the Len McClusky school of disruptive strikes, all you teachers must be so proud your union dues are keeping her in luxury, think about your priorities, is it the child?

K Mort

Canterbury Road