Letter: Walk was an absolute inspiration

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I write this letter because of the wonderful effort of a group of people who came together to help a young women with the purchase of equipment to increase her mobility and independence.

That is the background to the fund raising efforts by family, friends, and the local community in Thornhill. As part of the fundraising the locals at the Flattop public house in Thornhill decided to have a sponsored walk from Castle Hill, Huddersfield back to the pub last Saturday.

Much to my shame and lack of fitness I did not attempt the walk, but I was there for their return and it was just brilliant to see the laughing and smiling faces of the walkers. Talk about community spirit it was there for all the world to see, this sort of coming together was a pleasure to witness.

Such efforts must bring great pride to the locals of the Flattop, Thornhill, and Dewsbury as a whole, I am so pleased to know such generous people and I hope this gives inspiration to others to take part in their local Community.

Phil Andruchow

Leeds Road

Shaw Cross