Nick Clegg should go

Now that the local elections are fast becoming a distant memory I would like to share a few thoughts with your readers.

I, perhaps with a lot of other people have always taken a very simplistic view of democracy. You fight the election based on a manifesto and when you are elected then you deliver on that manifesto.

If you betray the voters then they will give their verdict at the next available opportunity.

The verdict was given in the local elections and as everybody knows Liberal Democrats did not come out very well. The results show that they took the full impact of the voter dissatisfaction and they blamed Liberal Democrats rather than the Tories. Reason: betrayal.

This election result has clearly shown that voters have punished us for getting into bed with the Tories not to mention the reneging on tuition fees.

When I was campaigning for my third re-election term I quickly became aware that it was going to be an uphill battle due to the national political situation.

As your readers know, local elections have a different focus compared to general elections. Local issues dominate the local election campaigns but this time it was completely different. Not a single voter mentioned these issues. A lot of them said that they change the channel when they see ‘our glorious leader’ on telly. They knew exactly what Tories stood for but they never expected the Liberal Democrats to give up their flagship policies and pledges just to be in ‘power’.

Nick Clegg has completely misread the public mood, and underestimated the voters dissatisfaction on the issues of tuition fees and NHS cuts. He should accept responsibility and do the honourable thing and resign because the public has clearly given their verdict on his politics and policies. British people support underdogs not collaborators.


Former Liberal-Democrat councillor for Dewsbury West