Planning is a joke!

Planning procedures for projects in Mirfield cannot possibly be taken seriously.

First there was the house on Huddersfield Road owned by ‘Mr Sparkles’.

This was demolished to the point where only the inner walls and staircase were left and was rebuilt to a style not in keeping with the original dwelling and the materials used were of a different colour and texture.

Then there was the Mirfield 25 scheme with the promise of more employment for local people, most unlikely! The developers later included a care home which was never part of the original unitary development plan. It is doubtful whether an environmental impact assessment had been carried out or an assessment on the effect on local roads and road safety. It takes very little to gridlock Mirfield.

David Browns is now intending to move onto this site, inheriting all of the problems previously identified including the loss of the buffer zone between the site and green belt land as well as the increased risk of flooding from the run-off from the hard standing.

Flooding is already a problem for property in the Sunny Banks, adjacent to the site.

Presently the former Black Bull public house is undergoing refurbishment in order to change its use into a Tesco Express Store. The developer was given permission to build an access ramp outside the building on the proviso that reclaimed stone was used. However Kirklees planning officers pproved an application to use red brick instead.

These bricks are unsightly, an offence to the eye and out of keeping with the original building. They should be removed and replaced with materials sympathetic to the original building.

Tesco is moving into Mirfield against the wishes of many Mirfield residents.

I expressed my concern some time ago regarding the location, timing and conduct of the outline planning meeting” set up to consider the original Mirfield 25 scheme.

There is a great deal of general concern regarding the decision making in the Kirklees planning department.

There needs to be an enquiry into the functioning of this department.


Sunny Bank Avenue,