Politics from the heart

I DON’T know where you get your information from (Alan Burton, Reporter Letterbox May 13), but these are the facts: I was not turned down as a Prospective Parliamentary Candidate by the Conservatives. I never formally applied to be one, having only been a party member for a few months, I was ineligible to do so.

My own politics are based on my principles and they have never changed; they are to do the best I can for my town and its people, with honesty and integrity. That’s why I got into politics in the first place, not because I wanted to be a politician, but because I wanted to help restore Dewsbury and thought politics was the best route to do it. I do what I can for my town loyally, week in and week out, and have done for several years, via several community groups I am a member of, at senior levels - unpaid, incidentally.

I don’t sit on the sidelines and complain about how bad things are; I get stuck in to try and make a difference. .

I didn’t join the Lib-Dems because I spotted an opportunity. I joined long before they surged in the public eye, which actually only came just before the elections. The party didn’t do particularly well in the general elections either, though I got 3000 more votes than my predecessor, hopefully because people trusted me, a local man to keep my word. Had I won the election I would have put 100 per cent into being a full time MP and serving my town loyally. I resigned on principle from the Lib-Dems last October, mainly because of the 180 degree turnarounds on the policies and promises that I had gone on doorsteps with, and due to the cuts to public services, which are too deep and too fast.

I joined Labour six weeks ago because I genuinely believe that party offers the best hope for the regeneration of Dewsbury, having dealt with their councillors many times through my community commitments and being convinced that they are serious about reviving the town, so I want to support them. I am simply a member of the Labour party, nothing more, by the way. I wasn’t the first person to change parties either, locally or nationally, and I won’t be the last.

As for Mehboob Khan, in all my dealings with him over the years via several organisations including the Dewsbury Chamber of Trade and Dewsbury Means Business, he has ALWAYS honoured any promises he has made to the organisations I represented, to do things in Dewsbury. He is one of the people who is now pushing the town’s regeneration forward, despite the recession. It is a shame some other politicians don’t keep their promises.


Dewsbury Town Team vice-chairman