Saved by A&E at Dewsbury

I AM writing this letter to discuss and deliberate the downgrading of Dewsbury’s A&E ward.

After reading the article ‘let’s keep our A&E here’ in the paper last week I was stunned and deeply saddened to learn that the closure may take place.

How can this happen, I asked myself. So many people’s lives here are saved or prolonged.

My husband, Roy Hemingway, is now 77. He has persistently suffered ill fortune throughout his life regarding his health, resulting in countless trips and stays to Dewsbury hospital.

A month ago my husband had to be rushed to Dewsbury’s A&E ward, causing distress and heartache to my family.

We were told he had a leaking vein in his osophogus.

He lost a vast amount of blood and required a blood transfusion desperately. Thankfully he made a full recovery after spending a long month in hospital and is now happily living at home.

Doctors said it was a miracle he survived.

We had sincerely believed to much despair that we had lost him.

If it had not been for Dewsbury’s A&E I honestly believe my husband would not be with us today.

I dread to think what travelling any further at his age and in his condition would have done to him – it could have cost him his life.

I am so grateful he is still with us.

First and foremost my husband and I want to give our enormous thanks and gratitude to everyone who has helped us over the years.

They have been an essential asset to us and we couldn’t have done this without any of them.

From all the staff at the hospital, to the nurses and doctors who make frequent visits to our home, the list of people we need to thank is endless and we express our fondness to all of you.

Secondly, regarding the possible closure of Dewsbury’s A&E, there must be endless numbers of people in similar situations to me.

Without this ward their partners, parents, siblings, extended family and friends would not be living today.

I truly believe we need the A&E ward to remain local and we need to give our appreciation to the hard-working and dedicated staff.

I hope this letter helps and I would love to assist and lend a hand in any way possible to prevent the closure of Dewsbury’s A&E ward.


Sunny Bank Road