So upset over lack of basics

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AFTER reading Singing praises of hospital (Letterbox, October 28), I felt a need to convey my thoughts on Dewsbury and District Hospital.

My father of 80 was admitted to Ward Two after a fall at home. While visiting, I was displeased by the lack of care shown.

My father had requested another pillow, due to only having one which was as deflated as a burst balloon. I asked several times but to no avail. He never got another pillow and looked uncomfortable. One time he pressed the buzzer to get a nurse but 10 to 15 minutes later when they did respond, we were told that they had no pillows.

My father took a turn for the worse and was moved to the intensive care unit (ICU). When I phoned Ward Two to find out how he was, I was put through to a dietician in Castleford instead of ICU. I eventually found out where my father was.

Sadly, my father grew worse and passed away. After staying by his side and signing for his belongings, we realised his false teeth were missing.

We started the sad process of arranging the funeral and had to return to the hospital to retrieve my father’s teeth. When my brother and I arrived, the teeth were on Ward Two in a white plastic tub, saying ‘Who’s teeth?’

This upset me and the funeral director said she had never witnessed anything like that in 30 years. My dealings with the hospital were not pleasant, but the ICU staff were great.


Leeds Road


• The Mid Yorkshire Hospital Trust’s chief nurse and director of patient experience, Tracey McErlain-Burns, said: “I would like to offer my personal condolences to Mr Wain and his family. I am concerned to hear about the experience of Mr Wain’s father and apologise for the standard of communication with Mr Wain. I would welcome the chance to personally speak to Mr Wain and will contact him.”