Sparking memories

I AM trying to find out if any of Ada Clark’s relatives are alive.

I saw Ada’s wedding photos in the Reporter a few weeks ago as my mother was in the photo as a bridesmaid.

My mother was Nellie Armitage then, now Walker. I am trying to find out information about my grandma Annie and granddad William (nicknamed Billy) who lived at Parker Road, Thornhill Lees.

Granddad worked at Ingham’s pit in Thornhill.

Also could Rene Scott (Flowers then) get in touch as Rene may remember my grandma visiting Rene’s mother Kathleen.

I was June Walker then, now Cocker.

Kathleen then lived at Lees Hall Road. I’d also like to get in touch with Johny Greenlees. If anyone else can give me any information at all I would be very grateful. My number is 01924 525756.


Shillbank Lane