The youth of today!

I THOUGHT that after what I witnessed today (Saturday, October 22) I should write and tell all the people out there that put down today’s youth, that all youths are not the same.

I had been shopping in Dewsbury town centre with my three children and we made our way to the bus stop near Game to go home.

We had been at the stop for several minutes when a group of about 10 youths came into the bus stop carrying an old man.

The young boys who were carrying the old man sat him down on the seat and stayed with him while one of the other youths rang for an ambulance. The old man was very unstable on his feet and kept trying to stand but kept stumbling,

The youths kept reasurring the man and waited with him right up until the ambulance arrived, they then helped him into the ambulance and waited for a while before they left.

The old man didn’t want to be a bother to anyone and didn’t really want to go to the hospital but the youth who stayed with him all the time presuaded him to go and get checked out.

I haven’t seen so many youths concerned for the welfare of an elderly person before in all my time. This was a nice sight to see and proof that not all youths are yobs who would rather rob an old man then help one. Well done to them all for what they did today and I’m sure they would have got a great feeling from helping this man.

I personally would like to thank them all for their help with the man and hope that the man is well and home soon.


Oakwell Avenue