Time to rally round club

It is with disappointment I write regarding the letter from Mr T O’Donovan entitled ‘What future for the Nash’ (Letterbox, April 1).

I am a lifelong, proud member of the Nash. I agree with Mr O’Donovan that most clubs are struggling but it does no good when someone takes it upon himself to go public with views and opinions, which is surely the business of the club committee and its members only. To me it’s a betrayal of the club’s hard-working committee and its loyal members. Dewsbury Irish Nash has a great tradition within the community it serves along with Dewsbury Celtic rugby team. I firmly believe that if all concerned pull together then Dewsbury Irish National Club will work through these difficult times.

Dewsbury Nash has supported a cross-section of the community, like family day trips to the coast, retired members rewarded for their loyalty to the club, or supporting Dewsbury Celtic team during their lean years. Members owe a debt of gratitude to previous generations who worked to establish the club. Now is the time to rally together to ensure this club continues to be at the heart of Westtown and surrounding areas for many years to come.


Shaw Cross