Train station mural is great - but you can’t have it all!

I was pleased to see the new mural under the bridge at Mirfield railway station, as featured in last weeks Reporter, when I passed by. It brightens up rather a gloomy area.

Your picture was able to show only the middle bit of the mural, but the Mirfield end shows a canal barge, and the other, a Grand Central train.

A nit picking train spotter like me thought is was perhaps a pity that the train shown was a Class 43 HST set, which usually runs between Sunderland and Kings Cross, and not the Class 180 trains, (which are much more stylish to look at), which is the type on the Mirfield services. Still, you can’t have it all...

So, thanks to Grand Central railway and Network Rail for sponsoring the mural.

Les Addy

Fernhurst Way