Treated like second class citizens for using public transport

Dewsbury railway station.
Dewsbury railway station.
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I would like to bring this to your attention.

Having left Kirklees College (Huddersfield) on Wednesday September 18, I went for the 21:15 train to Dewsbury.

Before this I purchased a ticket from the machine on Huddersfield station. The price was £2.70.

I put into the machine a 10 pound note.

At first I thought that I had hit the jackpot, as there was a clattering of coins.

It gave me my change in 10ps – all £7.30 of it.

This forced me to go to the bank in Dewsbury as I was conscious that nobody (especially those who work for Arriva, which is due to their management or lack of it) would accept anybody paying in 10ps.

It is disgusting that the peasants (normal people) should have to put up with this.

We do not have a bus link from Huddersfield to Cleckheaton at this time in the evening; indeed they seem to stop around 6pm.

So those of us who have to make the journey via Dewsbury are now being punished by having to carry such a silly amount of change on us.

As well as this there is a good half hour wait in Dewsbury, not good if you are a vulnerable person. Not that you at Metro seem to care about that.

As long as you are paid by the tax payer then sod those peasants on their pleb vehicles.

Not that you ever seen anybody use public transport who works for Metro or the PTE...

Far from it, it would be below them to do so. They just want paying, end of.

It just proves where we are as a nation, not only with transport issues, but everything.

From pleb of a peasant (one of those great unwashed dirty people) as Metro and the PTE see us.

John Alan Ramsden

Carlton Way