Volunteers are not the answer for libraries

On Tuesday November 11 there was an open Area Committee meeting for the Batley and Spen district. 
There were inspiring examples of the voluntary efforts of members of the local community from the Cleckheaton Folk Festival to smaller, but no less valuable, activities based at libraries. In each case it was obvious that the efforts came from the heart.

This is a far cry from being coerced into staffing the libraries. At least 30 per cent of the library staff are being redeployed or made redundant. Redeployment, natural wastage and voluntary severance will not be sufficient to effect this sort of cut. The council will be using compulsory redundancies.

Councillor David Sheard seems to think that those whom he expects to fill the gap by replacing these members of staff are volunteers. Victims of blackmail seems to be a better description.

Pamela Tidswell