We need to get a star attraction

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I SAW the much acclaimed shopping guru Mary Portas was in Rotherham, (a hop skip and jump away) just a few days ago.

In part of the interview she was saying how she would like to see specialist shops giving wonderful service to attract customers, and wouldn’t we all!

However that’s not likely to happen as surely by now everybody with any commonsense will know that the reason for town centre decline is the presence of out of town shopping centres like Meadowhall and the White Rose offering numerous stores under one roof, coupled with FREE parking.

Add to that the high cost of rates and the current difficult trading conditions along with more and more internet shopping.

Dewsbury has some nice buildings and floral displays but without some ‘star’ attraction (another supermarket?) the town centre will never be the same again and we don’t need a costly review to tell us that.


Ullswater Avenue