We won’t give up without a fight

I was appalled but not surprised to see that the Secretary of State for Health has given Mid Yorkshire NHS Trust the go-ahead to slash services at Dewsbury Hospital.

The contempt shown in the face of overwhelming evidence to refuse a full review demonstrates the Tory-led coalition’s determination to privatise the NHS.

Mike Wood’s comments that Dewsbury and District Hospital will close by 2016 is not scare mongering but I believe a reality.

The loss of our local hospital would be catastrophic as lives could be lost whilst travelling to an already heavily used Pinderfields. Waiting times will increase, travel time will increase and together with the uncertainty of not knowing which hospital you will be going too when you are ill will give added stress at a difficult time.

This is especially true of the maternity services.

The Clinical Commissioning Groups are complicit in this as their so-called consultation process consulted no one but simply ticked a box on the basis of minimum requirement.

Ed Milliband has pledged to repeal Jeremy Hunt’s legislation, which is good news.

My only fear is that by the time Labour is in government there will not be an NHS left. We must continue to fight the Tory led coalitions assault on our public services.

We will not give up our fight to save Dewsbury Hospital whatever the Trust and CCG try to do.


Muffit Lane