What is wrong with our town?

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What is wrong with Dewsbury?

Stories throughout the Reporter last week illustrate clearly what is wrong with Dewsbury!

Dewsbury and District Hospital on the front page where nurses aren’t nursing or caring (this also applies to two other hospitals in this area from personal experience), the regeneration of two arcades in town which will not solve the problem of empty shops, local councillors disagreeing over plans for Dewsbury when they haven’t a clue between them.

What is wrong with Dewsbury is the attitude of people! Sexual crimes, murder, mugging, burglary, public drug dealing and taking, scams, motoring offences etc. Policing is ineffective (and invisible during hours of darkness), relying on the public for crime prevention, as they only ‘clean up the mess’ afterwards, oh and of course give you a crime number!

Illegal parking is commonplace, people driving without tax, licence or insurance, while drunk or under the influence of drugs! Traffic wardens who go no further than car parks for their easy ‘victims’ whilst ignoring other illegal parking in place such as Bradford Road and Halifax Road.

I have been a Dewsbury resident for over 30 years and have watched it gradually deteriorate with litter in the streets and holes in the roads, whilst local government and other public services have allowed it to happen.

Yes, it is the good people of Dewsbury who can make it a place worth living in again. Respect other people and their property!


Springfield Terrace