When actions speak louder

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IN response to your lead letter the other week (Reporter, February 24, What have others got to offer us?) I am concerned about the letter and the content. However, I can only speak as I find it.

Recently I have had a letter from Coun Paul Kane (Lab, Dews East) asking my views on issues that affect me. He took the time to send this and I have taken the time to fill it in. What I will say though is that when we wanted our Dewsbury East councillors to get some work done on our road, not only did they repair the road they had it recovered and a very good job was done.

I don’t think our councillors are out of touch and given the proposals that Coun Kane put forward in the budget for more free parking in the town, I think this shows they are listening. Words are cheap, it is actions that speak louder. I know where my vote will be going.


Ward Street