Where were all the Labour voices then?

What short memories some people have!

I felt that after reading the letters of local Labour Party members over Dewsbury and District Hospital, I must reply with some facts.

Dewsbury Hospital is in a mess simply because of DEBT.

Under the last government, Wakefield Labour MPs Yvette Cooper (Health Minister), and Ed Balls pushed for an unaffordable private finance scheme to improve Pinderfields.

Subsequently, the repayments of this debt became unsustainable and the Labour government made Dewsbury Hospital go in with the Wakefield Hospitals, because Dewsbury would bring in the cash.

This was a disastrous move for Dewsbury and should never have happened. Where were all these Labour voices then? In a nutshell, Dewsbury is being made to pay for the debts of the Pinderfields rebuild.

I will do all that I can to try and stop the slide of services from Dewsbury, as I believe all local councillors will, regardless of party.

What I will not do is take any flack from the Labour Party, the ones who made the disastrous decisions in the first place, who have left our local hospital in such a financial mess.


Conservative councillor

Liversedge and Gomersal ward