Will the government ignore the EU?

What will it take to make this government sit up and take notice of the public’s genuine concern regarding immigration? And in particular the

imminent arrival of potentially thousands more Bulgarian and Romanian immigrants.

Crusades by certain newspapers have resulted in thousands of readers signing petitions demanding extending the current controls on entry for

these countries.

Polling on the public’s attitude to immigration consistently indicates the majority wants curbs implemented to drastically reduce the numbers arriving annually to this country.

When asked by the same polls what is their biggest concern for the future, immigration comes out on top. Yet, after all these messages which are loud and clear, broadcast continually by the British public, what do we get in response?

“There’s nothing can be done”, regarding the imminent ending of restrictions, as this will put us at loggerheads with the EU. Well I for one am really sorry about being at odds with the rest of Europe, but never mind, surely that’s better than being at odds with the majority of the people of this country.

Will it take protests in the streets, as already advocated by some commentators to make the politicians take us seriously?


Oxford Road