Will this be a talking shop?

WITH regard to the West Lothian question. Tom Dalyell first raised this discrepancy in 1977, which allows MPs from constituencies in Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland to vote on laws which affect only England but cannot vote on devolved matters in their own countries.

Another commission is to be set up to consider the issue, the second such commission set up by David Cameron in recent years. Is this going to be another talking shop? Is David Cameron going down the same road as Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, exploiting the votes of MPs from Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland in order to pass contentious legislation?

We must congratulate Simon Reevell, our MP for Dewsbury and Mirfield, who has tabled a motion urging the Government to resolve the issue ahead of the expected referendum on Scottish independence. He said: ‘Ministers must show that they are being genuine.’.

Whilst our Prime Ministers are quite vociferous in their call for democracy in other countries, they should remember democracy should start at home!


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