Champion thanks magnificent support

Josh Warrington flanked by his corner men
Josh Warrington flanked by his corner men

English featherweight champion Josh Warrington paid tribute to his vociferous supporters, who roared him to victory over Jamie Speight at Leeds Town Hall last Saturday.

Warrington had sold over 500 tickets for the biggest night of his career and he didn’t disappoint by producing a brilliant display.

Leeds United fan Warrington arrived into the ring with club anthem Marching on Together blasting out and the 22-year-old said: “It was an unbelievable feeling stood at the top of the (town hall) steps waiting to come into the ring.

“It was quality and I’ve got to thank every single person who bought a ticket for the fight.

“I hope we can get plenty more nights like this and I’ll never forget the feeling the fans gave me.

“It was unbelievable walking down those steps to Marching on Together with everyone on the balcony singing along.

“That is what the support Leeds can generate and its only going to get bigger.”